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Insights and analysis on cyber security, privacy, and data protection from the world’s leader in data-centric security.

Last Week in Microsoft Azure: Week of May 10th

Senior Product Marketing Manager Erin Zefkeles announces a fluent new look for the Azure icon. The Azure “A” icon is getting an updated look to represent the unity of Azure...

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Threat Update 37 – Is SSO the new (h)Active Directory?

As organizations continue moving to cloud services at a breakneck pace, the adoption of SSO solutions has been a safe and effective way for IT teams to enable and control...

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Last Week in Microsoft Azure: Week of May 3rd

Microsoft is teaming up with Coursera on new Azure specializations and scholarships. The new collaboration includes content around Azure, artificial intelligence (AI), and data fundamentals. The partnership is also offering...

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Threat Update 36 – A Supply Chain Attack By Any Other Name

The SolarWinds supply chain attack was seen as a wake-up call for many in business, IT, and security. Both attackers & defenders took notice of the attack’s effectiveness, and created...

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ARP Poisoning: What it is & How to Prevent ARP Spoofing Attacks

ARP Poisoning is a type of cyberattack that abuses weaknesses in the widely used Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) to disrupt, redirect, or spy on network traffic. In this piece, we’ll...

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5 Data Governance Reports for Data Owners

This blog will cover five Varonis reports that you can automatically generate for data owners to promote strong data governance practices. We will show you how to create, customize, schedule,...

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Last Week in Microsoft Azure: Week of April 26th

Starting today, April 26, 2021, Microsoft is hosting Azure Trivia! Each week, @Azure will tweet a new Azure-related question for you to answer. Ten winners will be chosen at random...

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What is C2? Command and Control Infrastructure Explained

A successful cyberattack is about more than just getting your foot into the door of an unsuspecting organization. To be of any real benefit, the attacker needs to maintain persistence...

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Threat Update 35 – Healthcare Data at Risk

COVID-19 provided fertile ground for attackers to sow confusion and take advantage of healthcare organizations on the front lines. From hospitals triaging patients around the clock to pharmaceutical companies developing...

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Last Week in Microsoft Azure: Week of April 19th

Microsoft released new capabilities in the Azure Container Registry PowerShell module. You can now fully manage repositories, manifests, and tags with increased performance. Learn how to get started with Azure...

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